Here Are 5 Benefits Of Using Branded TLDs

In 2012, ICANN allowed organizations to register .brand domains. This act aimed at promoting innovativeness and competition. Today, you have a choice to buy a domain name and carrying your brand names as extensions. For instance, instead of having a site, you can get a domain name

That sounds good.

Domain names

Domain names carrying brand extensions are popularly known as branded TLDs. While they were more than 675 applications for registering .brand domains, only 560 brands succeeded. Also, only 200 brands that are still using their brand names as domain extensions. Read more

But, do you gain any benefit from using branded TLDs? Read on to know.

Benefits of branded Top-Level Domain names

a) Enhanced customer experience

Imagine you are seeking a product online, you know the name of the manufacturer and the brand name but you cannot recall the web address. Luckily, you key in the company name followed by the brand name extension, and then Google takes you to the exact page you were looking for, how would you feel? You got the answer.

Domain names

When you subscribe to .brand extensions, you give your customers an enhanced experience. They get an opportunity to interact with your products without any struggle. Also, rather than guessing your domain name wondering whether it is a .org, .biz, or .com, they can just type your brand name and land on your homepage. Hence, the branded TLDs saves your customers time and enhance their experience.

b) Boost security

In the digitally-driven era, online security is a significant threat today. Fraudsters are developing fake sites replicating all the features of the original top brand websites. As such, it is becoming hard for clients to differentiate between the genuine and the counterfeit sites.

Also, this aspect increases security threats as customers lose credibility and trust on the popular brands. Having said this, obtaining a branded TLD enhances your site security. First, the fraudster can rarely copy your extension unless you permit them. Also, it is a reassurance to your customers that the information in your site is reliable and genuine.

Again, using your brand as an extension gives the customer confidence that any site carrying your brand extension belongs to you. Hence, they feel safe when transacting on it. As such, it is evidence that branded domains have a significant role in boosting your site security.

Boost security

c) Reinforce branding

One reason for having a website is enhancing your branding activities. Given that online market is taking over the physical one, a website is becoming an essential tool for any business whose goal is to succeed. Branding starts with appearing unique and creating an identity.

Reinforce branding

Having a branded domain name provides you an opportunity to fulfill these factors. Your customers will not struggle to identify your site. Accordingly, the branded domain gives you a distinction from other business that may be using almost the same domain name as yours. For instance, you are selling fashions online. Your site may be A competitor operating a similar business can register a domain name

With these two domains available to your client, it will be hard to tell which is yours. Most likely, you will be losing sales to your competitor. As such, you can avoid such scenarios by having a branded domain name. This way, you will reinforce your branding missions through creating distinctness.

Final thoughts

As you can see, branded TLDs are critical for a business person seeking to succeed in the modern marketplace. The domain enhances your security by eliminating the creation of counterfeit sites. Also, it boosts your branding activity by creating uniqueness. And lastly, this type of domain enhances the customer experience in your site by allowing easy navigation.