There is nothing more important than making a good first impression and when you are the owner of a website or an online store, then the way to do that is with good design and, even more importantly, a good domain name. The domain name that you decide to register is the first thing that your customers will notice about your website and even thought a lot of people don’t realize this, it can be the thing that makes or breaks your website and, with that, your business as well. So to help you come up with the best domain name possible for you to register, here are a few guidelines for you to follow.

The Domain Name Should Sound Good When You Say It Loud

These two things are ones that most people always forget about. People often tend to over-complicate the domain name and that can only bring problems. When registering your domain name, we suggest that you make it one that is easy to pronounce and type since that will make it really easy for your customers to remember and if they remember it, they can easily pass it down to their friends. There is a very simple way for you to test this. For the pronunciation part, write the domain name you have chosen on a piece of paper and give to a few people to read and you will immediately know if it is easy to pronounce or not. Same goes for the typing bit, get a few people to write it and see if you find yourself explaining too much how it’s spelled.

Generic Is Old Fashioned, Be Modern

Generic names are never good since when customers see them, they really cannot make the difference between more sites with similar generic names. When you are ready to register a domain name, you need to make sure that it is one that is brand-able, instead of a boring, generic one. You need to come up with a name that is unique and creative and can stand out in the see of websites out there. The way you can do this is by either using existing words that are easy to pronounce and spell, but are unique at the same time, or you can go the extra mile and try to come up with words of your own. If neither of these things seem appealing to you, feel free to turn to a domain name generator for some extra help.

Personal Brands Are Always in Advantage

If you are in a business where your name is your brand, then you should always take advantage of it and use that name as a part of the domain name that you register. This is a particularly good idea if you are a musician, artist, painter, and writer or in a business that is similar to these since there really is no better way for you to be remembered by your customers than by your own name.

When you are ready to register a certain domain name, following these easy guidelines could really be the thing that helps you create a successful website. Just remember to go for a domain name that you really like, since changing it later on cause cost you a lot of money, which will make the first domain name you registered a bad investment.


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